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November 14, 2016    Data Analytics Consulting Big Data Technical

  1. PwC
  2. The Data analytics framework in PwC helps the clients to grow and innovate business with powerful analytics. PwC is the leading consulting group in the world in terms of revenue. PwC has nearly 30 analytics apps which provide analytic solution to various Industry oriented problems. Let’s take a look at some of those analytics apps under various industries:

    • Health Industries
    • In the health industries they provide CARE so that healthcare providers can prioritize on care delivery opportunities from the service line down to the physician level. STAR helps hospitals to expand their business via strategic transformations and organic growth.

    • Technology, Information, Communication and Industries
    • Here PwC provides analytic apps like DEMAND ESTIMATOR which helps companies to design more effective marketing, product, and channel strategies.

    • Consumer, Industrial products and services
    • The STRATEGY NAVIGATOR app here helps companies to make better consumer, product, channel, and other strategic decisions.

    • Financial Services
    • CLV-R helps banks to improve effectiveness of customer targeting and risk management strategies. Another app LARI helps life, annuity, retirement, and other financial services firms to develop better-informed market strategies.

    Also, wide range of analytic apps is made available which can be integrated to any of the four industries mentioned above. For example, PEOPLE ANALYTICS helps companies to reduce unwanted pressure on valuable employee. SOCIAL MIND helps firms to identify and manage emerging threats, risks, and customer experience issues with the help of social data analytics. Read More

  3. BCG
  4. The BCG provides a wide range of consulting solutions in Data analytics. The major ones are described below.

    • Meridian Geoanalytics
    • Meridian analyzes distance, proximity, and other geographic data relationships. With built-in apps and advanced analytical capabilities, consultants can combine client and public data to create dynamic visualizations. Implementation of Meridian reduces delivery distance and improves transportation in the Transportation industry.

    • WalletMax
    • Claims to increase the cross-sell and up-sell opportunities in business and banking sector by 50%. They compare data of one bank to their database of 250,00 product wallets and find gaps. For example, banks can remove redundant products in the industry.

    • Retail Foot print Optimization
    • This involves customer and competitor profiling, store performance modeling, headroom estimation, and store network optimization. One application of this technology is the analysis of where employees live relative to the branch where they work. This can identify the opportunity to reassign employees. Another example is that companies can build service centers around localities with larger number of customers.

    • Speed2Insight
    • S2I results in a holistic picture of a company’s corporate data, along with strategic implications. It helps to make quick, accurate decisions and implement them faster by combining multiple data sets.
      "S2I is based on a real-time analytics engine. With access to a strategic perspective, broad industry insight, and a real-time analytics platform, clients can generate value quickly—often in as few as eight weeks. "

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  5. Deloitte
  6. Deloitte helps client in design thinking, understanding emerging trends and solutions, prototyping, guided interactions with data, advanced analytics. They transform data into intuitive, interactive visualizations like maps, charts and dashboards. They integrate the following features to the organizations product environment: (i) Simulations, (ii) Optimizations, (iii) Segmentations, (iv) Graph mining, (v) NLP. The environment used by Deloitte is Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, R, IBM SPSS, IBM Netezza, SAS

    • Cognitive Analytics
    • CA helps to drive insights with rich contextual and unstructured data. Form hypotheses and predictions based on machine learning to aid real time decision making. Use self-correcting and evolving algorithms that emulate human cognition for continuous learning?.

    • Insight-driven Organization
    • An IDO brings together analysis, data, and reasoning into the decision making process. Becoming an IDO means figuring out how to scale these projects across the organization to drive greater business impact.
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    • ClearLight™ platform
    • Deloitte’s platform which provides Insights as a Service (IaaS).Helps to deliver Insights quickly and cost effectively. ClearLight comes with many applications such as User-friendly visualization, Scenario planning, improved performance, faster time to value, Cost effective, Scalability, Cloud based delivery, continuous monitoring, global reach and ongoing consultation etc.
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  7. Mckinsey
  8. Mckinsey has divided their Analytics teams across centers.

    • Business Technology
    • Helps clients frame their strategic aspirations for big data, map business use cases to technical solutions, design technology architectures and data governance structures, and develop broader organizational capabilities to support analytics across the enterprise.

    • Operations
    • Sustained improvement in performance by applying advanced analytics to address challenges across all areas of operation such as supply chain management, manufacturing, procurement and service operations.

    • Strategy and Trend Analysis (STAC)
    • Helps client make better strategic decisions through a deeper understanding of corporate performance, macro-economic forces and global and local trends.

    • Marketing and Sales (CMSC)
    • The Consumer Marketing & Sales Centre helps the client transform their marking and sales by applying advances analysis to generate value creating insights from big data. Social GRP is a tool used by Mckinsey to measure the effectiveness of social media spending by integrating data on reach, relevance and sentiments.

    • Risk Advanced Analytics
    • very business involves large amount of investments and it is important to evaluate the risk assessment for those potential investment plans. Mckinsey provides Risk analytics on various sub-divisions such as credit risk modeling, asset and portfolio modeling, comprehensive stress testing, cash flow at risk, liquidity risk modeling, insurance etc.

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  9. EY
  10. EY provide Analytics as a Service (AaaS), Functional analytics, Sector analytics to there clients. We will look more into what EY offer on these services.

    • Analytics as a Service (AaaS)
    • EY has various analytic models which provide AaaS like EY Synapse which combines market leading and proprietary technologies, advanced analytics capabilities. Some of the AaaS solutions on the EY Synapse platform is:

      • EY Pharma Business CASE for Pharmaceutical analytics
      • EY Envision to provide information assisted analytics to give information to the health sector regarding cost, quality, patient access etc.
      • EY Hex provides retail customer analytics
      • EY 3D Spend Analytics delivers insight on cost management analytics.
      • They also provide solution for Forensic data analytics through there Forensic Data Analytics and Sciences (FDA&S) which combines the extensive use of big data and statistical and qualitative analysis.
    • Functional Analytics
    • FA in EY deals with Finance, Fraud Detection and Prevention, Internal Audit, Risk Management, Tax, Supply chain & Operations. They integrate the AaaS solutions on the EY Synapse platform to various industries.

    • Sector Analytics
    • SA in EY is again a sub-division which brings the AaaS solutions to Life Sciences, Consumer products & retail, Financial services and Health.

    • Marketing and Sales (CMSC)
    • The Consumer Marketing & Sales Centre helps the client transform their marking and sales by applying advances analysis to generate value creating insights from big data. Social GRP is a tool used by Mckinsey to measure the effectiveness of social media spending by integrating data on reach, relevance and sentiments.

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